Posted by Raymond Katzen



Program: "ArtLink – Winthrop School Students" -

 Six students from the Winthrop School will join us along with Principal Sheila McAdams to show a video-clip presentation sharing their experience with the ArtLink project. We expect a full house to be in attendance so don’t miss out!

What is ArtLink? ArtLink is Creative Connections’ international exchange program designed for 3rd – 12th grade classes.

Students create art pieces that reflect their life and culture, and exchange their work with a partner class in another country. Students then examine and enjoy the art from overseas, gaining new insights into both their own and their partner’s cultures. Finally, students share their insights with one another by posting online thoughtful written responses and photos.

After receiving the art, classes that sign up for the videoconference option (highly recommended!) participate in a live one-hour session in which students share their insights with one another face-to-face in real time. The fully facilitated videoconference is available for an additional fee.