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Information for Speakers

Rotary International is a worldwide service organization that is active in more than 160 countries and is made up of more than 34,000 clubs with 1.2 million members. The purpose of Rotary is to serve the community and to promote world peace through international understanding.

The Ipswich Rotary Club was founded in 1923 and serves two communities, Ipswich and Rowley.  Our evening club, the Rotary Satellite Club of Ipswich meets on Monday evenings twice a month at 6:30 pm. 

Club Meeting:  Unless otherwise announced, breakfast meetings begin at 7:15 am.  We meet in two locations in Ipswich and Rowley, so please check our website for the location of your presentation.  Parking is free at both locations: a large adjacent parking lot in Rowley, at the restaurant or on the street and in nearby lots in Ipswich.

Meal:  Our speakers will be treated to breakfast. Your guests are warmly invited to attend at the rate of $12 per person for breakfast.   

Meeting Agenda:  Our meeting format is informal and communal.  The audience consists of business and community leaders who live and/or work in Ipswich and Rowley.  Fellowship and networking begins around 7 am, and your 25 minute presentation will start at 8 am and should end at 8:25.  We adjourn promptly at 8:30.  

Publicity:  Your appearance will be announced on our website and in our newsletter and Facebook Page.   

Preparation and Setup:  Prior to your visit, we request the following items be sent a month in advance of your presentation:

  1. head shot photo or logo in JPEG or PDF format  

  2. short paragraph about your topic and bio, not to exceed 500 words

  3. suggested introduction to be read at the meeting

If you plan to use a computer, we strongly recommend that you bring your own, and we offer the following guidelines:  

Since there are so many operating systems in play these days, we ask that speakers know how to set up the dual monitor display on their PC (to allow an image to be displayed concurrently on a remote monitor/projector) 

Modern equipment also comes in many configurations, so speakers are asked to provide the cable that will connect your PC to a standard projector    

To avoid a conflict with the business portion of our meeting, speakers are strongly encouraged to arrive and set up early, generally by 7 am.  We would appreciate your completing and testing your AV setup by 7:30

The Club does own a projector and screen and, if needed, will have both available to you provided you let us know in advance by Monday of the week you are presenting 

The club also owns a Windows based laptop PC.  If needed, we can accommodate your presentation from a portable USB drive.  However, in that case, please make sure that your presentation is formatted for PowerPoint or PDF, or that it is saved in the self-contained “show” format of your presentation application (i.e.. that it can be displayed without the originating software).

Once the AV setup is complete, we invite you to relax and get to know our congenial and welcoming members.  Your delicious breakfast will made on site by our hosts, fellow Rotarian and renowned restaurateur, Chef Petros Markopoulos in Ipswich, or Cathy Sutherby and her great team in Rowley. 

Your presentation is an integral part of our weekly Rotary meeting and fosters our personal and organizational growth. We are deeply grateful for your efforts.  If you have any questions, please contact me directly.


Nat Pulsifer

Program Committee Chair
Ipswich Rotary Club
Contact Nat directly from our home page